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How did you come up with the idea for LSG?

After I had left Nasty Gal, I moved to San Francisco and didn't know what I was going to do. I had done fast fashion, and I had worked for different designers, so I felt like I had a really good experience with both.

My idea was to start a shop that was focusing on sustainability, slow fashion, and highlighting female designers who were doing something cool within the contemporary market. So the initial idea was to say, "no" to fast fashion say "gah" to these designers.

What made you want to support independent female designers? Was there a gap or a need that you were trying to fill?

There was, yeah. I was really into Maryam Nassir Zadeh five or six years ago, right when her line came out and I thought, "Yes, this is what needs to be happening." At Nasty Gal I was doing research and traveling for new brands and I was inspired by that, as well. Going to Australian Fashion Week and meeting with these new designers, I felt like there was a lot of exciting things happening, but they were getting lost. Or that a lot of the independent brands felt like they fit an older market and I thought that it could still be young and on the pulse of what's new, at an affordable price point. People are really into that market right now and it's great to see more stores opening up, but at the time it felt fresh and new. It needed a platform, and I wanted to build that.

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Did your time assisting influence your definition of beauty?

Absolutely, I saw beauty in a different way. It was also elaborate and extravagant like in my aunt’s salon, but there was a bit more of an artistry to it.

So for me, the two worlds came together. The women that I grew up around acted as if they were on the runway every day, it was almost surreal. I realized that a lot of the techniques that I learned as a child were also being used on the runway in fashion, but were being done in a different way.

I also learned time management, like how to do 40 models within a four hour timespan and make each of them feel special before they go on the runway. So it definitely changed the way that I view beauty, but not too much because I always have that same excitement that I did as a child.

I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and graduated with my Bachelor's in Fashion Merchandising. For a second, I started to think that beauty was amazing, but maybe it was not for me. I was wrong, it didn’t feel natural the minute I stepped away from it. So I dropped everything and I went right back into the assisting world. And it felt right again.