Given both the fact that I wrote my original about me when I was 20 years old, and that I now live in Brooklyn -- rather than Minneapolis -- I figured it was time to update my "About Me" spiel. 

So here's the rub: I am 22 (23 in December), a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota, with a degree in Communications - focusing on media and visual communications, and a minor in Fashion Studies. I moved to NYC pretty much immediately after graduating to pursue a serious career in fashion. 

In my 5 short months as an NYC resident, I have spent time as a Communications Intern for a fine jewelry designer, a PR intern for a consultancy company, and as a freelance stylist [assistant/intern], in addition to working 2 fashion week shows, meeting so many amazing people within & without the industry, all while learning a heck of a lot about the real world. 


A lot of people, including all of my close friends and family were surprised by the move, as was I. Not only for its suddenness, but also because I spent so much of my life talking about living in California. But there came a time, while narrowing in on my graduation, where I began to seriously think about what exactly I was going to do next. I realized that one: I could not just sit around in Minneapolis and wait for my lease to be up in September to make any moves, and two: that all of the work that I really wanted to do was here in New York City. 

So, I looked into it, I found potential roommates, I began crazily applying for jobs and saving my money, and booked a weekend trip to the city for interviews and apartment hunting. Less than three weeks later I was moving into my Brooklyn apartment with a fellow Minnesotan fashionista pursuing her dreams.

To be honest, there are times where its been TOUGH, but there are also times where its been AMAZING and I just stop and think "I can't believe this is my life..." and I am excited for whats to come. I mean... it hasn't even been a year yet and I feel like I've done so much.

Anyways, welcome to my website, where I randomly decide to share my outfits and/or photos from the more eventful days of my life. You will also find a consistently updated portfolio, which is small but growing. 

Thanks for visiting! 



FALL 2017 TRENDS ~ 70s Silhouettes, Menswear, & Warm Solids

Its officially September, and so its time to start looking ahead and getting excited about this year's autumnal trends. However, we're definitely still experiencing summer weather, so I've made a simple trend board to ease my mind as I wait in anticipation for the temperature to drop. This season its all about 70s silhouettes, menswear inspired looks, and a pop of red or orange! 

Images Sourced from Pinterest

Images Sourced from Pinterest


I’ve lived in (or directly next to) a metropolitan for most of my life, but Minneapolis is no N.Y.C. *obviously*

While I am used to a few skyscrapers surrounding me, I am also used to an abundance of nature and fresh air very near by, as well as a little goddamn peace and quiet. 

NYC is its own creature, and sometimes that creature needs to take a freakin’ nap and give you a little time for some R&R ~ but it won’t, so… how does one find some goddamn peace in the middle of all this noise and chaos? 

Here are my tips: 

  1. Bring a novel with you everywhere you go. Read while on the subway, or at a park for your lunch break. Focusing on a beautifully written story will allow you to forget about everything and immerse yourself in an alternate reality, even if only for 5 minutes. Plus, reading puts your brain to work, and that’s a very good thing. 
    1. Currently reading Nausea by Jean Paul Sartre - a philosophical novel by the existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, published in 1938.  The eloquently written faux-diary of a French Historian is the perfect reading piece for picking-up and putting-down constantly, but never losing the story. 
  2. Download a peaceful / chill playlist to your Spotify Offline. Getting a signal on the subway can be tricky, and you DO NOT want to use up all of your data even if you can find it. By taking the playlist offline you can put it on anywhere you go, and drown out the noise for a bit. (Benefits of relaxing music).
    1. Check out my favorite chill playlist here. I prefer a mix of electric, dreamscape music paired with acoustic, folksy tunes to mellow out while at the same time changing the mood every so often ~ because sometimes chill music can be so sad… 
  3. Take advantage of bad weather. Rainy/snowy days are the BEST for chilling out in a dim and cozy space, watching a movie, and taking a breath. While stimulating your brain with a good book is always a good thing, sometimes we need to let ourselves veg out. Also, make a to-do list and take the time that this bad weather has given you to pick-up your room, do the dishes and laundry, etc. All of those household things you'd rather not be doing on a beautiful day, do them today. 
    1. My recommendation: Harry Potter marathon, taking breaks throughout to get those annoying chores done. Its perfect for groggy days and there are enough of them to fill the whole day! 
  4. Listen to non-fiction audiobooks. I recommend “self-help” and memoir-type non-ficion because they kind of feel like podcasts, and listening to these types of books is an easy way to distill some education into your hustle and bustle type of days, when you just don’t have the time to sit down and read.
    1. Big Magic or The Art of Not Giving a Fuck are a couple of great options. The former is great for getting the creative juices flowing, or simply just for understanding your own creativity. The latter, well its in the title, is it not? 
  5. Find time to spend with friends and family. This is vital. The busier we get, the harder and harder it becomes to find a time where everyone is free. But a lack of socialization can drive anyone crazy. Schedule in quick coffee and lunch dates, and look at local event calendars to find out when there are chill-out events going on that you can both/all make it to. 
    1. In NYC this summer, HBO has a Movies in the Park series at Bryant Park, I recommend grabbing a bottle of wine and some snacks, throwing down a blanket, and enjoying the city from a rare grassy knoll with friends. 

I’ve only lived in the Big Apple for two months, but I think that these tips are pretty solid and well rounded! Please tag me in any implementations! :)