"Sweet Lovers Love The Spring"

NYC weather is finally starting to come around to the idea of spring, and so am I. This spring I am feeling rejuvenated and inspired. The vintage feel of polka dots, linens, loose and feminine silhouettes... I am loving it. I am typically not-so-girly when it comes to my style, but as of late I have been gravitating towards one-piece looks like dresses and jumpsuits. These easy-breezy, lazy girl pieces are perfect for New York's unpredictable weather, and for a comfy, effortlessly put together look!

Disclaimer: I wrote the above blurb in May, but since it is now September (whoops) I thought I'd take this opportunity to look back on how I executed those spring-time feelings over the last three months. I really did love a good floral maxi dress this summer, my mom thinks its because I'm in love (barf) but I think its more so because my favorite fashionistas were rocking that very look so much, and I was inspired to do the same. I picked up a few new, higher quality pieces - along with my typical Zara staples, of course. This past spring and summer I was feeling all the feminine, effortless, natural fabric vibes.

The Round Up…