My Spring '18 Wish List

Hey, ho!

It's been a minute, so I wanted to get back into the swing of things with an easy, transitional post! I also don't have any new, personally created content to share, so here's a list of things I would love to acquire come springtime for your inspiration & for my friends, family, and boyfriends information... :) subtle, I know. 


First off is a brand I've wanted to get my hands on for a very long time. What with Negin Mersalehi being one of my favorite Instagram influencers and all, and what with her having such amazing hair, I've had my eye on her almost $90 Honey Infused Hair Oil from her beauty brand Gisou since its release, I just haven't been able to bring myself to spend that much on a beauty product. Luckily, she's just released a new product, the Honey Infused Hair Mask retailing at $60, making the damage to your wallet just a little less severe.

Next up, I recently began following the LA based women’s apparel and accessories brand, Valfré, on Instagram. Founded by Mexican-born artist, Ilse Valfré, the online retailer sells various types of clothing and accessories (in both fashion & tech), however, what got me interested in it all was Ilse's collection of prints. Whilst her Instagram mostly features her Lotería card prints, which I absolutely love, I think I would most enjoy my Valfré splurge (another $60 on average item) if it involved this flying saucer - if you know me, you know why - featured in this America's Most Wanted Print. But if she came out with a full set of the Lotería cards, I'd have to get my hands on those, too. 

Screen shot 2018-02-26 at 5.07.45 PM.png

Clear bags had their moment for a bit last year, and we all kind of forgot about them when the basket bags and impractical rope/net bags that cannot possibly hold your small belongings came about. Yet, they're kind of making a comeback as spring re-approaches.  I've caught Aimme Song (@songofstyle, one of the best fashion influencers out there) sporting two different interpretations of the concept.One being this Staud Shirley Bag, which is currently sold out in both colors (tan & white), retailing at $210, as well as a colorful Chanel crossbody - which I'm also dying to find on the interwebs. 

I am currently on the hunt for the perfect [floral] midi-sundress for a while now. If there is one brand that knows how to do the sundress, its Reformation. Not being a fan of loud prints, I have a very specific idea of what I want. Reformation produces simple, folksy and feminine pieces, that are eco-friendly, too. Working from recycled materials, Reformation is reducing fashion-waste one garment at a time. The price-points of the brand seem well-worthwhile, not only for the good that your purchase will do, but also for the quality in craftsmanship and design. 

Screen shot 2018-02-26 at 4.54.10 PM.png

I'm a sucker for pendant necklaces, and these are no exception. Brie Leon's gold Cosmic Pendants, coming in all 12 zodiac symbols. Yet another splurge purchase, IMO, which is why its on my wishlist! I've also been window shopping sites like Mejuri and Maria Black for quite sometime. Maybe one of these days I'll finally spend money on jewelry, rather than stocking up on $5 Forever21 necklaces that don't last... But at this time, I just lose things way too often.