MINNEAPOLIS FOOD GUIDE: Breakfast, etc. (pt.1)

You could say I'm what they call a "foodie" -- meaning I LUV FOOD and taking pictures of delicious presentations of it. I love trying new places, or going to the same places a million times because I know it'll be good! So, I decided to make a series of Minneapolis Food Guides to share with you some of my favorite places around the city to wine + dine... first up: coffee, and breakfast, and sweets (oh my!)

... & Then Breakfast

But First, Coffee...

Spyhouse Coffee is one of the best places to grab a coffee or some tea, a pastry, and is an aesthetically pleasing study/work space.

If you're in need of a little more sustenance than a pastry, Black Coffee + Waffle is the perfect place to grab a delicious breakfast.

If you're hoping to find some awesome brunch in an unexpected place, head to Pizza LucĂ© to grab some of this delicious french toast! 

Last, but not least, for an after dinner treat head over to Patisserie 46. They have such a variety of sweets you won't be able to leave with just one! 

Glam Doll Donuts is perfect if you're yearning for a retro experience and a tasty treat.

- End pt. 1 of my Minneapolis Food Guide series: Breakfast, etc. -