How to Style: White Culottes

Once I got over the initial shock that resulted from a minor flashback to 6th grade and the whole gauchos trend, and looked through about 100 photos of bloggers and celebrities wearing them, I found some room in my wardrobe for the industry’s latest pant trend: culottes. In fact, I now own three pairs!  These cropped open-leg pants fall in line with the newest version of the minimalist trend, and are a great summer to fall transition piece; they are versatile and, when styled the right way, can be very chic. 

   What I’ve discovered is that, due to the wide leg and cropped hemline, these pants tend to make short girls, like me, look even shorter! I find that culottes look best when they are high waisted, and when the hemline ends at about three quarters of the way down the calve in order to showcase the thinnest part of the leg. I like the white because it's crisp, but culottes also look great in neutral and

pastel tones; these pants are an easy way to dress up and be comfy at the same time.  I recommend pairing them with a crop top and/or a cropped jacket, along with a pair of chic heels to keep with the elongating theme. But it could also be really chic to pair them up with a loose fitting sweater, either cropped or tucked into the belt so we are still accentuating the waist! 

    Above are a pair that I think are perfect! Structured, high waisted, good hem length, and they're from a brand that has collaborated with a retailer we all know and love: Forever21. Recently F21 has partnered up with over 60 brands to bring higher quality [albeit more expensive] lines into their selection. The Fifth Label for Forever21 is a line of simple, high quality, closet staples.

Below are a few more examples how white culottes can be styled.

Nadia Fairfax, Blogger

Olivia Palermo


Photo: ELLE Mag

Photo: Haarper's Bazaar