Fashion Brand Wishlist

Do you ever go onto an online store and just scroll through all the beautiful things you wish you could afford? Constantly adding to your Wishlist but never bringing yourself to splurge? That's what these brands are to me: beautifully designed, high-quality closet staple pieces that I will one day purchase from. I am currently trying to boycott fast fashion -cheap, low-quality items that are trendy or just kinda cute and hey its only five bucks kind of clothing- to opt for high-quality pieces that are little bit more expensive but so worth it. Once I've fully made the transition, these brands will be seeing a lot of me!

Photo: NeedSupply Co.


Need Supply Co.

Is an online retailer that carries brands that are mostly focused on simplicity and minimalism. The pieces are well designed and made. To the left is a photo from their Fall 2015 Lookbook. They are on trend with the neutral colors, focusing mostly on texture and structure. Fashion these days seems have a to focus on a straight and elongating silhouette, while still dividing up the body and the waist by using two pieces. 

Oak & Fort

There's just something with Canada and minimalism. They love their structure and neutral color palettes. There is a real androgyny to the trend that I just love. Oak and Fort, one of my most beloved brands keeps in line with its Canadian roots in all of their designs. They tend to hide the naturally curvy female physique, most silhouettes created by their loosely fitting pieces are straight, generating this sort of "I don't care" vibe. Their designs allow for comfortability and chicness altogether.

Photo: Oak & Fort 

Photo: Reformation



This time we're going a little more retro, and a little more green. Reformation is an online brand that focuses on Earth-friendly fashion, whether it be watching your carbon footprint, or reducing the amount of water you use, Reformation promotes going green in everything that they do. They have a clothing recycling program, and they focus on creating clothing that is as Earth-friendly as possible. The style of the clothing is not so focused on minimalism but more on retro styles from the 50s-70s with a modern twist.