I’m Taylor - PR professional, freelance stylist /assistant, content creator and social media manager extraordinaire - keeping myself busy in New York City!

I’ve always been a busy bee… simultaneously working multiple jobs and internships since the age of 15. In May of 2017, after graduating college, I moved my Mid-Western soul to the East Coast to pursue a career in the fashion industry!

I am passionate about blending my creative/visual right-brain with my analytical/aggressively-organized left-brain to aid companies through the new world of digital marketing, social media, and the overall globalization of our world.

I understand how to effectively pair brands with influencers; I know how to organize a press event from start to finish; I can style clothing, props and products; I might even take a decent photo or two. I have worked for designers, agencies, retailers, stylists, restaurants, beauty companies, and more.

At the moment, I am a simultaneously a full-time PR Coordinator, a part-time Social Media Manager & Content Creator, & a freelance Stylist / Stylist Assistant. I continue to take odd-jobs where I can get them, eager to learn anything and everything about the fashion, beauty, marketing/PR, and communication industries.

Please feel free to peruse through my website & take a look at the different projects I’ve worked on over the last few years! You might even stumble upon a sad attempt to blog… something that has turned into more of a photo gallery.

If you have any questions or inquiries about working together, please email me at

Thanks for stopping by! x